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Kazuya Shikinami

Shikinami Kazuya

First-class Architect Minister Registration No. 295466


Born in Hokkaido in 1975

1998 Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University

1998-Worked at YOURS PROJECT

2001-Worked at a construction shop

2004- Established Shikinami Kazuya Building Research Institute




Living Environment Design Award 2011 Living Space Design Excellence Award

3rd House Building Award Comfortable Space Award

3rd House Building Award Life Proposal Award

Living Environment Design Award 2016 LiVES Award



Born in Nemuro, the farthest city where you can see Kunashiri Island from the front of your house. I grew up in an athletic club from a young age. I was fascinated by the lacrosse that I started at university, and I still teach the lacrosse club at the university. On the other hand, aiming to be a "housekeeper architect", he is working on housework and child-rearing while using it as a source of housing design.

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