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1. 1. Consultation, chat, site visit ¥ 0 (Please contact us if you are far away. There is also a way to eliminate the burden of transportation expenses.)



If you are interested in SKAL, please contact us first. You can use email, fax, telephone, letter, office visit, etc. The most important thing in choosing an architect is whether or not you feel good as a human being. Maybe it will be a lifelong relationship. Please judge carefully and carefully.


We will help you from the land search. Even in a land that seems to be "wow" at first glance, it often looks "interesting!" To the eyes of architects. Also, there are cases where the location is decided based on the image of life you have in mind. Even if you haven't decided on anything, please come and visit us for the time being.



2. 2. Concept sketch proposal + model creation ¥ 50000 (Please contact us if you are far away. There is also a way to eliminate the burden of transportation expenses.)


When the story comes to life, I will propose a concept sketch and make a model. It doesn't matter if you want to know what kind of house will be built in the future, even if the plan is still ahead, let alone the decision of the concrete plan. It may also mean giving a concrete image to the land that you are worried about whether to buy.



3. 3. Architect business consignment contract


If you like the proposal, let's build a house with SKAL! If you decide, we will conclude a so-called design contract. From here, it is the start of full-scale house building. We will work on the design one by one. It usually takes about one to one and a half years from the time you sign the contract until you can move in.


● Business content

Basic design, implementation design, confirmation application, construction company selection, construction supervision


● Design supervision fee

Remodeling, store renovation ¥ 30,000 / ㎡ (construction floor area)

Wooden two-story building ¥ 33,000 / ㎡ (construction floor area)

Wooden 3-story building ¥ 36,000 / ㎡ (construction floor area)

Steel structure, RC structure ¥ 45,000 / ㎡ (construction floor area)

* Includes structural design costs and equipment design costs.

* In the case of remodeling, store renovation, etc., the minimum design supervision fee is 1 million yen. * Consumption tax will be charged separately.

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