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A house that creates a sunny day


Main use housing

Location Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Site area 137.33m2

Total floor area 177.19m2

Structural wooden

Structural Design Motooka Structural Office

Construction Naruyuki Construction Co., Ltd.

Design period December 2004-November 2005

Construction period December 2005-May 2006


A densely populated residential area where houses gather together. The house is in the back of a narrow passage of about 15m. Considering the cityscape, it looks like a two-story building from the aisle. It splits into two at the back of the aisle and connects to each household. When you go up the stairs in the large dirt space in front of the entrance, you will see a black wall in front of you. A message welcoming family members and guests is written on the wall made of this blackboard. There is a room surrounding the courtyard. Each is gently connected and there is no dead end. The children are running around forever. A large sunshine pours from the courtyard, which takes a day to pass through the house. It is a house that creates a sunny day. Sit on a bench-shaped railing placed in the courtyard and feel the outside through your back. There is another household sharing that courtyard. Here too, the sun is slowly moving around the house. Despite being on the first floor in a densely populated area. Somehow the signs of each other's households are transmitted through the courtyard. If you lean forward, you can meet face to face. While sharing the same air and scenery, we gently share a sense of distance. It's such a house.

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