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Foots house


Main use weekend housing

Location Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture

Site area 406.80m2

Total floor area 171.15m2

Structural wooden

Structural Design Motooka Structural Office

Construction Nakajima Komuten

Design period May 2008-April 2009

Construction period July 2009-January 2010




"Build without changing the terrain"

It is a part of a villa complex that spreads up a steep slope from a street by the sea. This land, which cuts through the slope and faces Tokyo Bay below, is about 4 m below the road. I thought that the house should be built against the terrain in this place that I visit to enjoy nature. Therefore, the building was built on the flat ground under the road, and the pier was crossed from the road.


"When you go through the tunnel ..."

Now, the question is, when do you see the ocean? Is. When you enter the entrance, go down the stairs, and approach the living room, you can see the large opening and Tokyo Bay beyond. There is a feeling of exhilaration similar to when you go through a tunnel.


"Go in the direction you should go"

Even though this is a villa complex, the distance to the next house is short. I want to live a life that doesn't feel like a weekend house or the surrounding houses. Therefore, the living room, where I spend most of the day, shook the angle in the direction of the forest and the sea, and arranged the windows and the orientation of the room so that the neighboring house could not be seen. Time passes slowly while watching the state of the black kite perching on the tip of the branch from the sofa. The king of space.

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