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所在  :兵庫県加西市



構造  :木造

構造設計:OUVI inc.

施工  :神東建設株式会社







This house is for a married couple, three dogs and a cat. There were two demands from the clients. The first demand is that the dogs and the cat should be able to freely play and move around the house. The second one is to consider the eyes of the farmers who are working around this site because it is wide and open on all sides.

Our idea was to put up some small gardens on the site.  Each garden is given a different purpose like for viewing only, usage, and just getting sunlight. Each one is connected to a room. The outdoor passage connects the entrance and the “Front garden” that has small flowers and gets sunlight.  We are entering the house before we even know it. Once we do, we are welcomed by another garden through the indoor passage.  This garden is the "Tree Garden". The dining room is between two gardens and is covered by a big roof window that's why we will have an outdoor feeling when we stay there. The living room and the bedroom sandwiches the dining room. 

We can see the "Sunlight Garden" and the “Lawn Garden" from the bedroom, but we can't go outside from this room using the windows facing those gardens. With this, it becomes a garden for viewing and getting sunlight only. The office room is a special place because it is separated from the other spaces with a view of the "View Garden".

The 5 gardens in this house have played different roles such as for usage, for passage, for viewing, and for connecting of the air passage. We put the rooms and the gardens beside each other. We designed it that way so that people including the dogs and the cat will feel that they are outdoors even if they are indoors. As a result, we will feel that the rooms are wide. 

Especially the dogs and the cat usually look for comfortable spaces depending on their mood. In that case, they look so cute that we could say "Go Ro Rin" which means lie down.

The clients told us before the construction of this house that they had two dogs before namely 'Donguri' and "Korocchi". Unfortunately, they already passed away, but the clients learned how fun it is to live with animals. Therefore we named this house ‘ House for DONKORO ‘  after their dogs.

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