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Brooklyn House

Use    : Housing

Location : Nationwide

Site Area:

Area   :105.98m2

Structure: Wood


A gentle lifestyle proposed by the design source to the world view of furniture created by Square Furniture. It is a project to standardize housing to realize it.

The plan was constructed in the shape of a rice field in a simple volume with a width of 6m and a depth of 9m so that it could correspond to the frontage of general land. With the intersection of the rice fields as the axis, the flexibility that can be established even if the plan is turned back and forth from side to side, and in any direction, even if the neighboring house is approaching, it is possible to secure sunlight and ventilation, and live depending on the nature of the land. It has almighty characteristics so that the environment is not superior or inferior.

As for the internal space, the space that limits the use is eliminated as much as possible. The space for movement will be buried in the space where you will stay, and the stairs will be transformed into a place for gathering as a bench. From the living room, you can see all the places, including the bedroom, which is originally private. We do not prepare privacy between families from the beginning and ask them to adjust their intimacy while looking away from their eyes with movable furniture, etc. in the relationship of the family.

I want you to live with joy.
Joy is amplified by not limiting desires.

Do not limit joy,

I think that such a vessel could be made.

Producing company
Design Source Co., Ltd.

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