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Myoranger's house


Main use housing

Location Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Site area 149.67m2

Total floor area 144.08m2

Structural wooden

Structural design OUVI inc.

Construction Sanyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Furniture KENRIKI

Design period August 2011-May 2012

Construction period May 2012-November 2012




"Flexibly partitioning two households and four generations"

Even though it is a two-family house, there are various relationships between households. Since the owner's family eats together every day, the housing is also required to have a relationship that assumes living together. The stairs were shared with the entrance, and the first floor was divided into the area of parents + grandmother, and the second floor was divided into the area of couple + son. The movable partition allows the two households to be opened and closed flexibly, and the area of parents and grandmother, couple and son can also be adjusted by the movable partition. Two households, four generations, are adapting to the changing family relationships.


"Align the uses of the upper and lower floors"

Sound is a problem when a two-family house is divided into upper and lower floors. If there is a living room above the bedroom, stress may build up. In the case of a wooden house, sound and vibration will be transmitted even if sound insulation material is added. Therefore, we took a method to avoid the problem by overlapping the rooms for the same purpose on the upper and lower floors.


"Aligning the scenery on the upper and lower floors"

We believe that the relationship between the living room and the garden is an important factor in achieving coziness. Even in the living room on the second floor, it is necessary to feel the garden in the same way. The rooms connected to the living room on the 1st and 2nd floors, stairs, etc. were arranged, and furniture for planting was arranged inside and outside the house to arrange the gardens on the upper and lower floors. Two living rooms with the same scenery lead to a cozy feeling that shares values regardless of the floor.

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