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Coed's house


Main use Three-family house with living together

Location Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

Site area 180.85m2

Total floor area 164.79m2

Structural wooden

Structural design undecided

Construction Marugiku construction shop

Design period December 2008-August 2009

Construction period  August 2009-July 2010




"Independent communal life"

There are four residents, a couple, a mother, and an aunt. It is a "communal life" where people with different lifestyles and values live together. Instead of blocking each space with a wall, there was a need for a space with loose connections while ensuring privacy. We hope that the loose connections made through "Toori Niwa" will maintain the loose relationships between the residents.


"L-shaped building along the cliff"

A densely populated residential area near Kawagoe Station. It is a place like a cliff with a 9-story condominium in the back. The site was originally a flagpole-shaped land, and it became an elongated L-shape with an opening of 6m and a depth of 30m. The building is arranged so as to fill the narrow gap between the neighboring houses, and a courtyard for daylighting and ventilation is provided at both ends and in the center.


"Expansion of Toori Niwa"

"Toori Niwa" is drawn continuously from the road. The courtyard and private rooms are continuous and penetrate from one end of the site to the other. The "street garden" in a machiya is a space that combines both the circulation inside and outside the house and the living space that is responsible for part of the living activities. "Toori Niwa" expands it in more layers and areas, and divides it with variations in width and ceiling height. Furthermore, the fluid place and the stagnant place are divided by the gradual change of the finishing material, the expansion of the place, and the mutual relationship with the private room and the courtyard.

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