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Hakuraku's house


Main use housing

Location Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City

Site area 230.58m2

Total floor area 159.73m2

Structural wooden

Structural design OUVI inc.

Construction Co., Ltd.

Furniture KENRIKI

Design period May 2011-November 2012

Construction period December 2012-April 2013

Shooting SKAL




"The intermediate wall provides structural reinforcement, transparency, and line-of-sight blocking at the same time."

The first request from the owner was to purchase a wooden house that was about 30 years old, and to make it a house that does not feel like a remodeling when starting a new life after renovation. Then, it was required to satisfy the transparency and structural reinforcement utilizing the view at the same time.

First, in order to reinforce the structure without being covered by the wall, we considered creating a wall only in the middle part of the pillar to obtain proof stress. Furthermore, by using seismic hardware at the upper and lower ends of the columns, we succeeded in reinforcing them to meet the current structural standards. In addition, the intermediate wall at the height of the line of sight was able to maintain openness and at the same time block the line of sight from the neighborhood, creating a transparent space despite being a residential area.


"Migrating flow line divided into 3 layers"

For the planning of the interior space, the living space with openness and continuity and the living space where the flow of household affairs are compactly arranged are arranged across the stairs, and the front and back are clarified while maintaining an integrated space where you can walk around. I aimed to divide. In addition, by providing a backyard, the order of the rooms is made into three layers, and things that are easily soiled or that you want to keep out of sight in your living space, such as storing sports and outdoor equipment, washing and drying indoors, are raw. Separated from the activity line.


"Charm of renovation"

An efficient living space with transparency from the outside and blocking of the line of sight from the neighborhood, reduction of walls and strengthening of the structure, a living room with a sense of tension. Conflicts were established at the same time. Inheriting what the house has built over the years is a big attraction of renovation, but I think that being able to present a completely different new space also showed great potential for renovation. There is.

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