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Ebisu's house


Main use apartment house (remodeling)

Location Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Site area-

Total floor area 50.40㎡


Structural design-

Construction Daishin Co., Ltd.

Design period June 2008-July 2008

Construction period July 2008-August 2008


Remodeling of an apartment where two couples live. The room faces north but has a good view.
When you open the window, a pleasant breeze flows. It is a remodeling plan for two people to spend comfortably.
Due to the budget, I don't want to change the layout of the large rooms as much as possible. However, I want to feel the openness that spreads outside the whole house. However, I wanted to avoid making it a simple studio.
Be careful not to be exposed while obscuring the boundaries of the room.
While maintaining a sense of openness as much as possible, the relationship between the two was loosely connected so that they would not be seen.

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