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Donkoro's house


Main use: Housing

Location: Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture

Site area: 499.00m2

Total floor area: 107.23m2

Structure: Wooden

Structural design: OUVI inc.

Construction: Shinto Construction Co., Ltd.

Design period: July 2009-March 2013

Construction period: November 2013-June 2014



<6 rooms and 5 gardens>

It is a house where a couple, three dogs, and one cat live. The owner wants to create a house where dogs and cats can move around freely, and the site has an open impression with fields on all sides, and the design takes into consideration the line of sight of farmers. It was a request.

First, I scattered multiple gardens in a large volume. The rooms and gardens were arranged in pairs, and each garden was given the character of "seeing, using, and letting in light." From the entrance of the building, the entrance is a dim passage, and you can enter the building with the "garden for light" on the side. Beyond that, you can see the "viewing garden" where the light shines through while being surrounded by walls. If you notice that you are inside the building before you know it, the lawn garden spreads out from the living room beyond that, and a "garden to use" with a feeling of openness appears. The dining room between the two gardens is a place that seems to be outside itself. And, in the bedroom that is paired with the living room so as to sandwich the dining room, by narrowing the openness of the opening, the garden with other personalities can be turned into a "viewing garden" like the window of the bathroom or study. Is shifting. And the atelier is a special place away from the house that monopolizes the "garden that puts in light".

The "garden" of this house has various roles. There are five gardens, one that can be entered and the other that cannot. Even so, the air is continuous and the line of sight is connected, aiming for the effect of expanding the room and garden into a space like Naka like Soto. However, without such a problem, dogs and cats are groping around the room and the garden, seeking a cozy place.



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